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pursuit of happyness

last night, i've read a few inspiring stories that i thought were too beautiful
and inspiring not to share.

some of you (who have read my posts) might have noticed that most of my past
entries were grounded on life's anxieties and worries. some were even focused
on complaints and (unnecessary) rants.

take for example this post.

but now, after some inspiring stories and posts from one of the most inspiring
preacher i know, i've come to really accept and believe a well-preached
and known fact:

happiness is, and always be, a CHOICE.

no matter what you have or where you are or what you are or whatever life
throws at you, the choice to be happy is totally yours. and under any
circumstance you can be happy if you allow yourself to feel it.

lemme tell you story...
One morning, a woman was sad when she faced the mirror. She discovered
she only had 3 strands of hair on her head. Suddenly, she smiled. “Today,” she
said, “I’ll braid my hair!” And after doing so, she walked out of her home and