Saturday, November 1

halloween '14: #treats, #fambam, and #thewalkingdead

So E's been watching "The Walking Dead" with me lately and no matter how much warning I give him (that the show's too gruesome for kids his age), he still seems to "enjoy" the show. So naturally, it was no surprise that he wanted to dress up as a walker for Halloween this year. And since his mom is too busy lately to scout a budget-friendly costume, DIY it is.

With an old white shirt and some makeup (powder, lipstick, eyeliner), E got the get up and look he wanted. :) I know it doesn't look much and nowhere close to the ones from the show but it was a start. And he was happy. Isn't that what this whole thing is about?

Anyway, my siblings' kids also suited up. We had a zombie, a princess, a superhero, a cute version of mickey mouse, a korean schoolgirl, a pirate-ish, and of course a cute little devil slash red riding hood.

So yeah, we had the whole gang. ;) Btw, the little devil/red riding hood was E's first halloween costume when he was one. And since then, it has been pass on from generation to generation. lol Here, lemme show you.

E wore it in 2008 when he was a year old; this year Henry had it on, still a year old. In 2011, Zooey just turned one when she wore it, while Haly had it on in 2012 also a year old.

Anyway, unfortunately, after hitting just a few stores, E lost his pumpkin. Good thing, Halygirl managed to collect a big stash so they all shared treats. :)

All in all, it was a fun day! We all get to hang out, eat, and of course play arcade. My siblings and I used to do this every year when we were younger, now we get to do it together with our kids!

Guess some good things never change...

The grown ups even get to play dress up too! Well, kinda.


Hope you had a load of treats and fun too! 'Till next year!

Sunday, March 2

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