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the B word.

"mommy buy!"

the two words i never thought i'd hear from him before he turns 3. he's only 1+, for crying out loud! he has cousins months older than him and what their parents get are just "mom..dede.." and other baby talk.

tell me, is it just me or do kids nowadays really grow up fast and learn things even faster? real FAST.

sigh. before i know it, the "baby" i've been cuddling in my arms and rocking to sleep is already a grown man (yeah. TEEN-agers call themselves grown MEN).

no more "mommy, kugos!".
no more "mommy, milk...".
no more "mommy, bye...".

sad. but whatever happens, he'll always be my BABY. (unsa, kanta?)

"mommy bad!"

hahay...that's what i get when his wishes are not granted. actually, thats what WE all get when we refuse to give him what he wants.

when he wanted to throw the tv remote and i grabbed it, "mommy bad!".
when sister shows him the belt (when he gets super naughty), "at…