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SuperMOM 101

is basically a list of random stuff about me (yeah, boo!)
i figured since i don't make new year's resolutions, then i might just try this.
anyway, some of these facts are not even known by my family or close friends.
heck, i didnt even know them myself until sometime ago.

so if you're reading this, then you're one lucky SOB!
you've just stumbled upon the skeletons in my small closet.

please. im just KIDDING! :p
on the "lucky" part and of course, on the "SOB" part. *wink*
seriously, it took me sometime to figure these things out. and it actually involved a lot of
thinking and reflecting and laughing and a bit of crying...

i didn't realize "101" is a pretty large number, and making a list with that count is friggin' long.
so just a warning, this is gonna be a pretty long one (at least longer that most of my previous posts).

Anyway, enough of the chitchat, i bring to you folks...SuperMom Facts 101
(In no particular order, of course) :)

1. most …

when you're a MOM

t's quite amazing how it comes so naturally...
the worrying
the anxiety
the uneasiness
the pain
and the FEAR
when your little one is not in your arms.

knowing you are not there, and will not be there
when he learns a new game
when he utters a new word or two
when he laughs
when he grows up
and you're just not there. with him. all the time.

oh, yeah. damn right im scared.
but what scares and hurts me more is the fact that he still is a child
with childish moments.
crying and whining moments that none of the people around him could understand
moments where he needs the patience, tolerance, and acceptance of a mother.
but no, im not there.
instead, he's left with an upset, irritated, hot-tempered, stay-at-home-for-the-moment-coz-he's-jobless babysitter.

and just because he's a crybaby or crankier than most kids his age,
that still doesn't give him or a anyone the right to discipline him (if you equate hitting/spanking with discipline!) their own way!!!
i admit im no righteous, saintly,…