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for REAL this time!

my deep apologies for the false impression MONTHS ago. :(
i seriously tried very hard to make time for the blog but with ezra in school,
bills to pay, job to save, and sanity to keep, everything's just plain chaos.

anyway, if you've been here before, you probably noticed some changes in the
design, layout and well, the blog's overall look.
if you must know, time has always been a luxury for me but  from now on,
i'll be working my big ass to make sure it is regularly updated. :D
(actually, this is part of the "how to keep my sanity" plan. sssh.)
also, i've been doing a lot of thinking so i've come up with some really great
ideas for the site so i'm really excited to be in the blogosphere again!!!

so if you have any thoughts, ideas --wild or not, please don't hesitate to
send them my way. you can find my email info in the profile page.
and yes, i have high tolerance for spam.
or you know, there's always the "tagged" box on th…