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SuperMOM 101

is basically a list of random stuff about me (yeah, boo!)
i figured since i don't make new year's resolutions, then i might just try this.
anyway, some of these facts are not even known by my family or close friends.
heck, i didnt even know them myself until sometime ago.

so if you're reading this, then you're one lucky SOB!
you've just stumbled upon the skeletons in my small closet.

please. im just KIDDING! :p
on the "lucky" part and of course, on the "SOB" part. *wink*
seriously, it took me sometime to figure these things out. and it actually involved a lot of
thinking and reflecting and laughing and a bit of crying...

i didn't realize "101" is a pretty large number, and making a list with that count is friggin' long.
so just a warning, this is gonna be a pretty long one (at least longer that most of my previous posts).

Anyway, enough of the chitchat, i bring to you folks...SuperMom Facts 101
(In no particular order, of course) :)

1. most of my first impressions turn out to be wrong.

2. i think i think too much.

3. i used to believe that we should "never say never", now im not even sure...

4. writing is therapeutic for me.

5. its a release.

6. and some people are my shock absorbers.

7. and their comments, advises, are my PILLS.

8. i have a son. and his name is EZRA. and he has my last name.

9. i am a single parent, and i love it.

10. im a crybaby

11. being a mom scares me. a LOT.

12. i love the smell of rain

13. taxi rides make me emotional and reflective.

14. im a CSI fanatic.

15. but im starting to enjoy "how i met your mother"

16. my first and serious dream job was to be a doctor/surgeon.

17. i admire people with talent in arts, design, photography, and baking.

18. i used to have stage fright. i think i still do.

19. ive always wanted to play drums (ezra too.)

20. i like black socks better.

21. for a girl, i never had a skirt except for uniforms. (not that i wanted to wear one!)

22. i sometimes find myself walking alone, going nowhere...and i actually enjoyed it.

23. i've always wanted to bake and design /decorate a birthday cake.

24. when i grow up, i want to be a forensic scientist. (haha)

25. ezra and i are both living with my parents and siblings. moving out is out of the
question yet.

26. i don't think il ever get married.

27. i can't picture myself in a relationship, no matter how i try.

28. it touches my heart when a stranger extends a kind hand to another stranger. :)

29. and it breaks my heart when i see a child sleeping on the side of the streets. :(

30. i bump into my ex almost everyday, and i didn't feel a thing (anger, regret, hope, etc.).
and its just weird.

31. i still haven't thought of an answer if my son would look for, or asks about, his dad.

32. i cant sleep with the lights on.

33. im attracted to nice eyes and cute smiles. (haha!)

34. i can't sleep with only one pillow.

35. im a cuddler. (not in the intimate way)

36. not a cat person. not a dog person either. but id take dogs if i aint have no choice.

37. i didn't gain or lose any breakup weight with any of my exes, but i sure gained a lot
of baby weight that didn't come off. ugh!

38. never had curls or curly hair. (maybe il try that look sometime in the future)

39. im not a video gamer. (and others may think this sucks. :p)

40. i started reading stories to my son like at least a month ago, and he like it.

41. im a licensed civil engineer.

42. i drink occasionally.

43. i drank beer when i found out i was pregnant (i was 3 weeks then), and didn't
drink again during that 9-month period.

44. i easily get drowsy on long rides and visual amusement (like that alpha at
enchanted kingdom), but i definitely don't have problems with rollercoasters. :))

45. i actually did enjoy working in customer service/support. (even if i didn't lasts
that long. and i miss it sometimes.)

46. some of my fave female artists are jewel, alanis...that's all i could think of right now.

47. I HEART music, thou im not an artist.

48. i love old songs. i find them more meaningful than some of the new random junk.

49. i don't have a fave band.

50. i can't sleep with a rough pillow case or bedsheet.

51. im halfway done with my list. and im surprised at the things i do, love, like, hate,
desire. this is getting way too personal...

52. i love pastries.

53. i LOVE desserts.

54. i don't enjoy eating plain, largely cut red meat slices. it should either have sauce,
veggies, soup, or side dish to come with it.

55. not a vegetarian though.

56. i wanna learn to drive someday.

57. i dont wear pajamas to sleep.

58. im a poor, frustrated writer.

59. i love hanging out at bookstores! reading any stuff i want, without buying at all.

60. i love wiki

61. i love watching movies, on the big screen or at home.

62. i love rainy days. especially when im at home.

63. i totally hate mondays.

64. ive always wanted to lose weight but i just didn't have the discipline to succeed.

65. when i was in hs, i got the feeling that i betrayed some friends by revealing a
group secret. and it still haunts me till now. (i still feel bad about it sometimes)

66. i missed bathing in the rain.

67. im enjoying the feeling of reconnection and closeness with old and new friends
through the internet.

68. i get attracted to picture frames, in any shape, design, or form.

69. when im on day off, i always make it a point to spend quality/bonding time
with my son by going out. and almost everytime, i give him the choice of where
to go and what to do. it may be exhausting but i enjoyed every minute of it. :)

70. sometimes, i get to think of SO MANY things that my mind unconsciously travels
farther and farther away to dreamland. then, all of a sudden, i would snap back
to reality and i couldn't even remember what i was first thinking.

71. and then, as if a maze, i'll try so hard thinking and tracing it all back, until i get
even the slightest idea what that very first thought was.

72. my greatest fear is not being really there while he's growing up.

73. im scared that my son will turn out worse than how i was when i was a kid.

74. i am actually proud to be a single mom.

75. a hopeless romantic

76. a libra

77. i sometimes enjoy mushy songs and sweet stories. (haha)

78. i adore the sunset and the beach. i would take the beach over a night party any day.

79. i feel awkward in long telephone conversations.

80. nothing beats a cup of coffee (or two) after a hard day's work.

81. i love reading a good book.

82. i used to fear that i cannot have kids.

83. id rather have a good movie or show marathon than go clubbing.

84. having a big family used to be uncomfortable for us, but not that we're grown ups,
a late night talk or a movie with my siblings just rocks.

85. i think lost self-respect is the worst feeling of all.

86. i used to believe that you should never sacrifice your heart...
now i dont know what to believe anymore.

87. i once had a journal full of complied quotable quotes, sayings, pass-on messages.

88. i dont have a dream car. and i dont care.

89. i had never worn a tube top (not that i ever wanted to. haha)

90. i enjoy grocery shopping.

91. i enjoy shopping baby stuff.

92. ive always had a hidden desire to wear high heels (haha!)

93. i love alarm clocks (even thou i don't use them)

94. i own only 3 with a broken zipper on it.

95. a dream house is one that has two storeys, a spacious kitchen counter,
a mini library, and a nice garden. everything else in it wouldn't matter as long
they're comfortable and pleasing to the eyes.

96. i love laughing till my tummy aches.

97. i answer online surveys when im bored or when i have time to kill.

98. i think online dating is weird and scary and useless and shallow.

99. im sick and tired of arrogant guys talking about women as if they(we?) exist
to make their worlds go round.

100. im may not be a perfect mom but il make sure my son will grow up
and look back thinking he lived an almost perfect life. (yeah, im hoping.)

101. i still can't believe i wrote this list. and you just discovered a hundred more stuff
about me.

thats it. done.
and im feeling a bit weird right now. hehehe!

Happy New Year Everyone!!! :) *hugs*


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