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Bonding Time!

After a few months of busy weekends and low cash, Ezra and I finally went out again for some Sunday bonding time. What we usually did before was, we just go out and play and eat. Fine, he plays and I eat. ;) And yesterday was no different, 'cept that "I" also did much of the "play" part. We had some snacks first. Fortunately, I had some discounted vouchers for Dunkin Donuts DunkCoctions. I was hoping I could try their Coffee or Mocha drink but kiddo wanted the strawberry one. And since it was his day, mommy did what she does best -- give in.

            strawberry it is. (Image from Google)
Good thing, I'm a sucker for anything strawberry-flavored too. :) Must be the genes. perhaps.

After the eating part, we went straight to the GameZone area. We had a handful of WOF (World of Fun) tokens, which we won during the JolliEaster Event at Parkmall, so we just went and played on almost every game machine. One of the interaction games that got us hooked was the "Pang Pang Paradise". Yes, I said "hooked" because as embarrassing as this may sound but, my arms really felt sore afterwards. Yes, kina-reer ko talaga and I think Ezra did too, so we had a lot of fun :) Anyway, for those of you who don't know what game I was talking about. It looked like this:
Image from Google
So yeah, to play you just grab those balls and just start hitting your targets in that touch-sensor flat screen. And if you're anything like me, expect those big arms to hurt too. :)
Since Ezra is short for that wide target, he had to stand in that space (where the balls are) to be able to aim and hit his targets. BTW, the machine at GameZone was slightly different from the one in the picture so he actually has a bigger space to stand on.

After we exhausted our tokens, we then went for a few drinks (yes, we were really thirsty!) and then we noticed a new play area right inside the GameZone. I'm not sure if it has been open for awhile now but it was "new" to me 'coz I'm pretty sure it wasn't there the last time we visited the place. Anyhoo, the recreations and mazes inside are quite similar to the PlayMaze at Parkmall. The rates are more or less the same too. It was already getting late so I registered Ezra for an hour only (Php180), and Ezra just couldn't wait to get in. :) And like any other play area, parents/ guardians are welcome to go inside so I did. hehe

Again, we both had fun and we both got hungry afterwards. But since it was already late, most restaurants and fast food chains were already closing up. Fortunately, KFC still accommodated late eaters. Before we left, Ezra just had to have his picture taken. (He insisted, I swear!)

Na-ihas sa photo booth :)

See the empty tables? How about the closed counters? Yes, we're among the last customers to leave.
Nevertheless, we went home happy and full. :)


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