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Finally, a decent CUT


after sometime, i finally found the extra time to actually bring ezra back to the
salon for a decent haircut.
for the past week or so, he's been starting to have allergic reactions to this long hair.
it has already grown past his ears that they start to get itchy that he got some
scratches in both ears.

so this afternoon, we're heading to the salon to get him another fair cut.
hopefully, all these scratches will heal and he'll feel better and a lot fresher.

oh, and here's his latest look.

if you noticed, the hair on the sides are touching his ears (some strands are even
touching the "insides" of his ears). and this made his ears all itchy and irritated.

and the bangs. i just made sure that they're on the sides, or else it'll cover his eyes.

anyways, will be posting the "after" look. so stay tuned. ;D


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