Wednesday, October 15

SuperMOM is flirting

i can just imagine my little kid yelling, "shame on you mom!"

it happened last night. im not good with flirting, never was. i was on a ride home when the guy sitting next to me striked out a conversation. he kinda looked familiar, like someone from the neighborhood. then i found out that he is indeed living in the same village as i am and also happened to be a friend of a friend. So there, we ended up talking (and laughing a bit)...

...i can still remember the very first time i "think" i flirted. i was only 13 then and I didn't even remember who the guy was! but what i remember was me and and a guy ( i think he was some guy i liked back in high school) talking and laughing when another guy from our class (his name is albert! yeah, i STILL remember him!) looked at me in the eye and said, "you're so flirtatious!!!" i swear, he said it with so much feelings (jud)! What the?! i didn't even know what THAT word meant that time (im a late bloomer so i had no idea about these things then). i can't remember what happened next but i bet the guy got it and we stopped talking.

well, the liberals might think, twenty-four-year-olds don't flirt! they either go on a date, hop to bed, or tie the knot. they don't just flirt! while most of you would think i am indeed flirtatious, a biy*tch or something. i don't care. somehow, i did enjoy it for a little actually be in a casual talk as if we're young, single, and carefree. don't get me wrong, being a mom is the best thing everrrrrr!!!

anyway, i was never a looker and im not a "hot mama" either. I don't go out on dates or parties. Once in awhile, my friends and i go out for a ktv or an occasionally drinking session, but thats it. So the dating-flirting field was never (and will never be) my thing.

ps: don't worry, if ever i'll be dating again,trust me, you'll be the first to know! *wink



  2. Hey Jo!

    24-year-olds most certainly flirt. And we should, too! FLirting is only defined as \"to show superficial or casual interest\". hehe So,no, our lives would not complete without flirting with one or two. =)



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