Monday, October 13

Give and Save

this morning, i stumble upon this scenario on the web: you're given the opportunity to donate some money to a desperate family who would use it to feed their children, but were only able to do so if you donated the same amount of money to someone you knew would use it to buy crack. Would you do it?

what would YOU do? i took me a while to absorb it. could this be a trick question? then i realize, it could happen. if i find myself in that situation, would i really do it?

the answer is YES. i would certainly donate it. i would never let that opportunity pass, never let one (good) deed undone just because i disapprove of another. but what about the crackhead? so what? with or without my money, he'd find ways to get that crack. denying him the money wouldn't save him from getting high, but giving the money to the family would definitely save them from hunger.

it always breaks my heart whenever i see a homeless child begging for food on the streets. i never wanted to judge their parents 'coz God knows what hell they went through, but at times i just wanted to blame them! i wonder how on earth can they sleep at night knowing their children (as young as 2 or 3) are out in the streets at night lurking for chances to grab something to fill their empty stomachs. the unlucky ones would just sleep through the night hoping to just drive the hunger away. almost everyday i get a glance of these children staying/posting near establishments and restos in the area and it just kills me. im not rich, and im far from comfortable. i am just like any other single mom working my butt off for my kid but if something like this falls my way, i'd certainly know what to do.

anyway, like i said, my answer is yes and it will always be a yes.
and you, what would YOU do?

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