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Hugs and some

did i ever tell you that being a mom is the best thing eveeeerrr?!?!
well, if i did, allow me to say this is INDEED the BEST(eeesssst!) thing ever!

when you're a (single) mom, and you go home at night stressed and burned out from too much work, the last thing you need is a whining kid and crappy home, right? that's exactly how i initially felt last night.

i had initially planned the day to start with an early in and end with a coffee break along with some friends somewhere quite and relaxing. i've been planning for the last couple of days to go out and unwind a bit. Not that i didn't wanna come home early but its just that ive been so distracted lately that i can't focus on anything at all. Even ezra can sense it too. anyway, my friends cannot make it (it was a crashed invite), so left with no choice i went home immediately.

i went looking for ezra the minute i arrived. i saw him crying and whining over something with some kids at my grandma's house. after the kisses, i left him playing since he seemed to be in a good-to-go mood already. starved, i ate my heart out and heed inside our room to change so i can play with him. much to my suprise, ezra was sitting on the bed, positioned as if he was waiting for me all that time! when he saw me coming in, he has this very wide and bright smile plastered all over his face as if its been months since he last saw me!!! he's grinning from ear to ear match with that "beautiful eyes" act. then he stood up in the bed, spread his arms wide and cried out to his heart's content... "Moooommmmmyyyyy!!!!"

that being said and done, SuperMOM didn't wait for any other word...i ran to his arms and hugged him the tightest i can at which he responded with what i believe was his tightest and sweetest hug ever!!! Plus the bonus kisses, i can't contain myself and couldn't help but feel very BLESSED, LUCKY, and THANKFUL for my greatest treasure. with that, tears formed and fell...all joys this time.

so, for the nth time, let me just say...being a SuperMOM is the BESTeeeest thing EVER! and i will always be thankful to God for this little sweet, smart almost big boy.

ps: ezra is still a few months shy from 2 years old. but he can clearly communicate very well through signs and actions. thou he can't form sentences yet, he can already put together some words and phrases for us.


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