Monday, October 13



i really got so caught up with finding the right template/theme for this new blarghhh that I didn't even notice the time. I didn't even care to LOOK at the clock embedded right on the bottom of the pc! now guess what? its raining!!! its raining friggin' hard!

what can i say? good luck to me? maybe its a sign. no, definitely its a sign!
so, il just continue blogging my ass off 'till the rain slows down, hows that? and God only knows when thats gonna happen. anyway, since im trapped in here let me just share a few things im starting to like about this host(?)/site/blog/whatever.

-it is soooo user-friendly. that is quite obvious but i just want to say that i really like it. if im really much of a writer/blogger, then i would definitely be using this one.

-the features are almost unlimited. im not sure yet but i think you can attach and keep track of as many links and codes as you want (as you can handle). Some other sites don't allow users to embed html codes or other features available online. I especially like it 'coz i can keep links of other sites and blogs which also have the same areas of interest as mine (i.e kid stuff, parenting, etc.).

-it has somekind of a community. the chances of you meeting other people of the same interest, hobbies, or issues as you is somewhat higher compared to other sites (i came across a LOT of networks and online communities that support and encourage "mom-blogging", and give tips and advices to anyone who needs one.)

wait...the sound of rain is fading! lemme just check.

It IS stopping! i guess that was only a short one. short and heavy. guess i better be going before it starts pouring again. 'till next time...

ps: am i making sense? whatever.

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