Monday, October 13

Bake that CAKE!

Almost everyone i know knew i have a long list of frustrations...from childhood dream and hobbies to college course and dream jobs. but right now, one of those frustrations was triggered again---baking. yeah dude, i love baking. or make that "i love the thought that im good with baking!". all my life, i've wanted so much to learn how to cook, bake, and design. we have these cabinet at home half-filled with cooking/baking books and recipes, but i just didn't have the time and the tools to try them.

anyway, i would love to try baking sometime. cake baking and designing to be more specific. i've been spending the last few days browsing some sites (yeah, the power of no pressure again! :p) that might divulge/reveal some self-help learning tips and techniques without having to enroll myself into some kind of culinary school. i've also wanted to try culinary before but time is never a luxury for me.

now, im quite inspired to try and overcome(?) this frustration of mine, even if it means i need to start from scratch. i don't have much free time but patience is always a virtue, right? so i'll just take it slow...

also, one of the reasons why i wanna venture into cake baking and designing is its so damn fun and its so convenient for own consumption! i wanna be the one to make and design my kid's birthday cakes, my sisters' wedding cakes, or any other cake. i would also love to focus on birthday cakes especially for kids. and if talented na jud kay ko, i'll make this a money-making venture. haha ambisyosa!!! guys, just give me a chance...its only here that i can release and rant about this.

some samples that inspired me...

and these cakes...

i especially like the ones with fondants and all...sooooo nice and yummy!!!
BTW, if there's anyone out there who knows how to bake even if they're just the basics, i could very well use some tips and tutorial(?). =)


  1. yah, jo...i love cakes, long as they're chocolate flavored mom has the basics at home and we have the lng when i get another job & naa nami fridge, we'll tap into our inner-homemaker's that

  2. CGE GOW.. IL HELP U (IN EATING! =^_^=).. HEHE!


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