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Barney Craze! (the Sequel)

like i promised, here are some of the pictures we took during our malling last weekend. it was a saturday and a payday, plus they had this midnight weekend sale. so as expected, it was almost chaos with people strolling, sale-hunting, and window-shopping that day. unlucky for us since i can't just leave ezra roaming around with all that crowd, so half the time i was carrying him.

since we can't do much shopping, we decided to just dine, hang out (tambay), and chill until the mall closes.

anyway, we were initially on our way to the upper floors when we came across barney and his friends. you can just imagine ezra's face when he saw that HUGE figure of barney standing right in front of him.
he can't even wait for me to put him down that he resisted and tried to get off me just so he can come up to barney and get a closer look at him.

so we took some pictures (yup. he posed even before i had my camera on) and i spent the next 10 minutes after that to convince him to leave already. good thing, other kids were already swarming around barney as well so i guess he finally got the point. :)

after some walking and chilling, we went to the grocery section so i can get some grocery stuff. thanks to the baby section's small lounging area with a streaming, never-ending barney show, that i found myself begging ezra(again) to move on.

but he didn't move. instead, he got a chair and sat right in the very front row of the kids lounge right infront of the monitor! ugh. what did barney ever do to him?

anyway, in this one he had his butt right in the very front row, so engrossed with the barney show.
then after a minute or two, more kids gathered around to watch with him (the leader of the band :p)

then kids started leaving one by one...

...and he didn't even noticed! hehe :)

BTW, since i actually failed to get him off that sit i decided to just do my grocery shopping as fast as i can (yes. i left him in his sit!). at first i was worried 'coz he might get up and leave and go somewhere but i figured (mommy instincts *wink*) he wouldn't. but of course, i checked on him every 5 minutes. i was running and driving my cart to and fro the kids' lounge 'til i had my grocery list complete. *Whew!*

ps: in the end, it was ezra who finally came up to me so we could go. i guess he was already too tired then which was not surprising 'coz it was almost closing time (midnight) already. he even fell asleep on the ride home, but i bet he had a great time!(i did too!)

pps: in the video, i was already done with the grocery so i guess he got restless already after sitting there for long a time. and if you happen to notice the last part, that was because he tripped off by the chair. poor thing. :(


  1. hahaha natawa naman ako

    i think little kids love barney talaga

    before it's teletubbies

    i'm from platinumlounge (berryblitz)

  2. hehe! yeah. they really do (refer to photo with a group of kids hypnotized by barney! haha)

    i hated teletubbies. good thing its not on air anymore now that ezra's growing up. i think its molding kids to be dumb. :(

    from platinum lounge? nice to know you. :) post a link to your blog as well.

  3. yung brother ko which is now 11 years old, panahon nya yung teletubbies

    grabe hypnotized sya dun. at ako ren, dahil ako nag aalaga sa knya, i have to watch lahat ng pinanonood nya

  4. haha. me too. when im home, i don't have a choice kc pinipilit rin nya ako manood. as in. when he's watching it, he looks at me from time to time to check im glued to the tv as well. and when im not, he'd hold my face and turn it to the direction of the tv. haha :)

    you're married right? and you have a kiddo as well?

  5. yeah married ako and have a 5 1/2 months baby na makulit

    haha kakatawa anak mo, i think mga little kids ganyan. yung bro ko dati nichecheck ren nya kung nanunuod ako. minsan nga feeling ko, ako yung kailangang manuod, then sya yung guard kung nanunuod ako or nde



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