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Ditch the diapers!

Just when i thought potty training isn't such a big of a deal, i found myself with an empty diaper and a plastic full of poop-soaked paper towels in one hand, and a screaming almost-two year old in the other!
i know. it IS a very big deal. for both the parent and the kid, most especially if the kid you're trying to train is not ready yet.

i've come across a lot of articles before that describe in detail, some even have step-by-step instructions, on how to get the job done. what i did was just browse through them, read at most one or two articles and then sorta forget about it as if its just another story on the web. what the heck. ezra haven't even turned one then, i wasn't really taking the tips seriously.


i should've known better.
lesson learned: it is never too early to prepare.

i can already sense it. ezra is almost ready (and excited!) to ditch the diapers. the thing is, i can also sense that he's not yet ready to be potty trained. of course he can already get his ass on the potty chair, but that's it. when he gets the urge to poo or pee, he gets up instead and do his thing, or sit down and do it on the floor and NOT on the potty chair. ugh.

but since SuperMom is a fighter and i never give up, i always use all of my convincing powers to encourage him to continue or at least finish it off on his chair, but to no avail. whats worse is, after one session (first set of poo. ew) he gets up and transfers to another location! and he does this again and again until he's done! can you begin to imagine how our living room looks like after his multi-poo session?!?! that and of course how supermom looks like...refer to first paragraph.

anyways, if you're a mom and you're also going through the same torture as i am (it's part of growing up. yeah right.), i recommend you start searching and reading potty training articles already. :) i know, we still got to trust our instincts but a little help from the outside won't hurt. right?

here are also some tips and questions you might want to ask yourself first if you plan to start potty training your kid:

* Does your child seem interested in the potty chair or toilet, or in wearing
* Can your child understand and follow basic directions?
* Can your child ask simple questions?
* Does your child stay dry for periods of two hours or longer during the day?
* Does he or she wake from naps dry?
* Does your child have fairly predictable bowel movements?
* Does your child tell you when he or she needs to potty or poop?
* Is your child uncomfortable in wet or dirty diapers?
* Can your child pull down his or her pants and pull them up again?

if you answered mostly yes, then your child may be ready for potty training. but if you find yourself with more no's, you may want to wait awhile...for his and your adjustment as well. there's always time for everything. the good thing is, you still have all the time to prepare yourself and your kid for the training ahead. :)

don't worry. potty training should be a fun and bonding experience for you and your kid. the secret is just to relax, enjoy each moment, and remember to take it slow...rushing will just cause you both the rash (or the pimple perhaps) :)

ps: i might be posting some tips later, for those who think their kid is ready to start with the potty ride. so stay tuned. :)

pps: there are also a LOT of articles and potty training issues on the web that all moms (and dads too) may find helpful. go and google 'em!


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