Monday, November 3

No Trick, All Treats!

october 31, 2008. ezra's first trick-or-treat.

(im not sure if people saw him as a "small devil' or the "little red riding hood" :>) (little red riding hood, is that you?)

at the last minute, we got ezra a costume. as expected, most costumes really cost a fortune (at least for me). i didn't really think of buying him one before the actual trick-or-treat 'coz i figured i could just use some stuff that my siblings used in the past years.
(check out the eyebrows...we wanted to outline and thicken his brows to make it look more "devilish", but after one try he wouldn't let us touch the other one!)

unfortunately, not a single costume was found. we got one that'll fit a teenager but not a 1+ yr old toddler! can't even find a store in the area that still sells the damn pumpkin. thank God, my dad found one that very day. (the lighting on the phone camera made his face turn/look red, another "devilish" effect)

so we headed off to the mall in the afternoon. ezra just got a short nap after lunch so he was sleeping during the ride.
but as soon as we arrived at the mall, he woke up and had a blast.
(trying to take a look at the other kids' costumes...)

(he wanted to go up the stage and be with the other kids :>)

(...had a few rides after, with the costume and make-up(?) still on)

ps. wasn't able to take more pics, we were busy running to and fro every shops. half the time i was carrying him 'coz if i don't, we'll be the ones following HIS lead.

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