Sunday, May 24

shredding it: day one (hello jillian!)


i started Day One of jillian michaels' workout dvd yesterday
and i gotta say this, she DID kick my butt!
i was at the gym for almost a month before i even started with jillian's
workout so i didn't actually expect to have a hard time with her
but when i started with her moves, i gotta burns.
her routines were not even hard at all. they were actually pretty
simple and basic.
but what keeps it burning is that she never let you stop.
i can't even believe how she managed to workout AND talk at the same time!
its a continuous 20+ minute workout that alternates cardio, strength
and abs.

on the other side, i realized that maybe i was using the wrong hand
weights. i currently have a pair of 3-kg weights that is roughly equivalent
to around 6.6 lbs.
of course, with a body like mine, those are just pretty okay and light.
but when i used them while doing the shred moves, dang!
seemed like they're more than enough.

but i dunno. i'll be shredding again tonight so we'll see.
and this time, i hope i'll be shredding in peace ---without a
two-year old screaming on the side or riding on my back while
i do the push-ups!

so help me God...

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