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...things that changed

...when i became a mom

2. i became a shopaholic. (slight)

for kid stuff!
trust me, LOTS of things changed when i became a mom.
but never in a million years did i imagine this to be included in that list.
i was never into shopping before.
i even had some personal stuff and clothes from waaay back in college that i still use and wear,all because i don't shop for new ones AND i don't have the luxury to do so.

but the thing is, when it comes to E (ezra) i tend to spend way MORE than i can afford!
like i said, i was never into shopping before so im used to having just a
little cash everytime i go out. and guess what? i didn't have any problem
with it whatsoever.
but now, i realized, a little cash won't do no good everytime we go out.
i need to have at least more than enough for transpo, food, kiddie rides,
rent for car/stroller ride, snacks here and there, and for some random
kid stuff/clothes/toy that we might lay our eyes on along the way. (heh!)
so with all that, sadly, some little cash just won't do anymore.

lemme tell u story...
yesterday, as usual we went out for our usual sunday bonding time.
we heard mass first then went to the usual kiddie friendly mall in town (sm)
take note that i made a shopping list before we went out, that way i won't
go over budget (im starting to follow this trick in the hopes of achieving one
of my primary save.)
anyway, we had dinner first (included in the budget, good)
and then he had a few kiddie rides (ok, still in the budget :D)
and then we had some snacks afterwards (good, still there.)
went to the grocery for the usual stuff (milk, etc.)
and then we went on shopping for some stuff that he needs (still included)
and then, i went on and checked some other stuff...
...then i had him fit on some more stuff...
and then, before i know it, i found myself in the counter paying for SIX more items
than what i initially planned to buy.
all of which were NOT included in my initial shopping list! :(

so there guys.
when i became a mom, i turned into a shopaholic. tsk, tsk...
oh, well. lets just hope that E won't grow up so fast.
that way he can still wear those stuff much longer! hehe

ps: if you want more proof, check out my credit card bill! hehe
we can't help it. sometimes we find ourselves at the right place
(with a lot of stuff on sale or sumtin')
but at the wrong time, i just couldn't help but charge it!
damn! writing that made me feel even worse! ugh. :((


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