Tuesday, May 12

Getting Fit: An update

alrightee. im gonna keep this short and sweet. :)

i know i didn't give you my starting stats when i started this getting fit
journey (sorry 'bout that)
but still, i wasn't able to get those numbers ready.
when i enrolled at the gym, they took my measurements and all but
unfortunately, i don't remember them.
but don't worry, il try to take get them soon and post 'em here, alryt?

anyway, off to the update.
i stepped on the scale last night and if the scale wasn't playing with me,
im happy to share that i lost almost five freaking pounds (5 lbs!)! hehe
my starting weight was taken mid april (april 17)
and being at the gym (although, off and on) for almost a month
took five pounds off my bod! (yay!)

anyway, since work is hard and ive been having problems sneaking off
afterwork to visit the gym, i decided to try another form of workout.
so, by next week, im gonna try the most talked-about jillian micheals
30 day shred workout!
what's great about it is that each workout session takes only about 20
minutes of your precious time.
and this, my friends, is especially important for me as a busy working
single mom.

so anyway, i am sooooo excited to try it out already.
and il be getting my tools by the end of the week (weights, yoga mat, etc.)
and since this is a 30 day shred, il be doing this starting next week
for the next 30 days (duh), and we'll see about the results by then! heh

and don't worry, il be posting some pictures too, if i can. :)

so that's it. my random update! 'till next time. ciao!

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