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another go!

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my numerous attempts for weight loss isn't
exactly news to many. i've had my fair share
of painful hours spent at  the gym lifting stuff
till my arms ache and doing aerobics till i
found it hard to breathe. yup, good times!

anyway, i still receive daily/weekly weight loss
newsletters from different health and wellness
groups online that i subscribed to years ago 
and although i rarely read any of them now,
there are still some great contents that proved
to be useful and inspiring. one particular entry
i stumbled upon the other day stressed on the
importance of external motivation--family and
friends, most especially--in winning one's
battle towards weight loss. apprarently, high
statistics and countless success stories were said to have proven this.

well, personally, i found that to be true.

i've started quite a few weight loss journeys in the past but i always had a hard time following through. oftentimes i stopped after just over a month. i've always blamed my discipline issues but i realized that above anything else, the main reason was my lack of MOTIVATION. i lacked the vital support group. i lacked company during those journeys. my siblings were all in the slim side and my friends too. i do have cousins who also wanted to lose weight but our schedules don't fit and they feel that they had more important agendas.

what could be more important than your HEALTH?! your health = your life

well, i realized that for me to succeed in this personal journey and to kick off the healthy lifestyle that i've been meaning to have, i need to form my own support group. however, pressing people to cheer for me is not gonna do the trick. i may need someone (or a group) who has the same goal and is willing to work for it, exercise-wise. now, i never had  problems with exercise (there are others who seem to be allergic to it). going to the gym is the most popular weight loss plan, however, not everyone is a fan. i remember someone referring to it as "the biggest rip off" (which is quite true, in some sense, i think). you pay tons of amount TO BE TOLD what to do and what to eat. YOU EVEN PAY THEM so you can lift heavy stuff (heh). seriously, i don't have anything against gyms. like i said, i enjoyed several weeks there (i even lost almost ten pounds). i might even be tempted to join one again. but my point is, i ALSO realized (i think a lot, don't i?) that the form of exercise that want is one that would take me outdoors, one that would make me really move (not just lift!) and one that would make me active. and would give me time to think (told ya, i'm a deep thinker). hence, the decision to take up walking and running. i could walk miles with no problem. i even used to walk around without any real destination, just letting my feet do its thing. but with the running thing, i don't wanna fire up so fast since it is an intense aerobic activity plus it demands serious endurance.

so yeah, running (with walking) it is! now, if only i can find someone to...

oh well... wish me luck! :D


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