Friday, September 16

i am beautiful (no matter what the mirror say!)

after the blog revamp, i  was able to spend some time revisiting my blog list. i've been following most of these bloggers since i started while some i added just weeks ago.

i started blogging around 2007 (on and off) but all these years, not once have i blogged about BEAUTY.  not a single topic even remotely related to it. beauty products like make-up, care lines (y'know like facial care, nail care, hair care, the works), clothes, and fashion. not even accessories! nobody knows this but i like beauty and fashion (shhh!). maybe much less than other people do coz it may seem like it isn't my sort of thing but yes, i enjoy looking at them (window shopping and catalogue browsing) and reading about 'em too (oh, beauty blogs!). the only two things i rarely do are 'TRY them' and 'BUY them'.

that's right, i almost never try stuff out. for the same reasons i don't play dress up.
and FYI, these supposed reasons do NOT include the fact that most gorgeous clothes don't fit me.
no, really.

anyway, the point of my rambling is this: there's an awful lot of beauty and fashion blogs out there.

ps: if you have a beauty or fashion blog, or you follow one, please, PLEASE, do share them!

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