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the reader in me

supermom fact 81: i love reading a good book!

i could just happily spend an entire day with a thick book. but don't get any wrong idea coz i won't even dare call myself a bookworm (i do wish i can). so it's a shame to admit that i actually haven't crossed the threshold of the so-called literary masterpieces. nope, not even the classics.

wait, what? i suck? yeah, i know.
in my defense though, i did read Around The World in 80 Days and i seriously think it was good.
so you see, my taste in books is not that bad. (heh!)

anyway, i'm not a big fan of science fiction either. (okay, seriously, lower down those eyebrows and pick up your jaws!) i understand that a lot of people love science fiction stuff but i'm really more into stories that have a hint of reality in them. stories that were set in real places, real cities. stories that depict the real world, real events, real people --and the realities (bliss and crisis) that we, mortals creatures humans , are most likely to face (or are facing) in our every day existence lives.

so i enjoy a variety of book genres from courtroom drama (John Grisham), murder, mafia, con suspense (Sidney Sheldon), romance/love stories (Nicholas Sparks, Jude Deveraux), romantic/comedy (Jennifer Weiner, Sophie Kinsella), to a bit of fictional history (Dan Brown). i also read self-help books, the ones that tackle parenting, motherhood, health and the like. recently though, i also started indulging in business and entrepreneurial ebooks.

also, an extra supermom fact: this may sound really biased but i have the tendency to pick and flick through books (esp. those with authors that i haven't heard of) based solely on their titles and cover designs. it's just that i think that if it's really an awesome book with an awesome story, then it should kick off with an awesome cover, you know? :)

and yes, the same goes with my food! (again, if it really taste THAT good, then it should look that good too!)

what can i say, i'm a very visual person. O.o

ps: i was hoping to attach a few ebooks of the authors i mentioned above but i didn't realize there was  no "attach file" option for the posts. i guess i would have to upload them first somewhere and then just attach the links (to the ebooks) in the post. *sigh* sorry. :( i'll just update the post as soon as i can.


  1. hoy mam blogger pod diay ka hehehe!

    register unya sa Blogs Ng Pinoy. Here's the link for the instructions:

    Thanks for commenting on my post sa nicaxandy! dugay na kaau to walay update2x ky uber busy :) hopefully i can catch some time for more tutorials before ni manga-uga akong mga nail polishes hehehe


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