Tuesday, September 6

tuesday tracks! (TT)

i'm not actually the type who sticks to one particular genre which, i guess, explains the wide range of music and songs that i listen to. and although i'm pretty much challenged in the vocal department, i love music and i enjoy singing a lot! i sing in the shower, in the office, in the streets, you name it. i may not have the vocals of an AI but hey, a girl can dream! :) and with that said, i think it's only fair to bring in some music fun into this blog! :)

so for this week's tracks:

if i die young (the band perry)

someone like you (adele)

self-esteem (garfunkel and oates)

--and the featured LSS song:

skyscraper (demi lovato)

note: the songs that will be listed in this feature may vary a lot, so they may range from ballad to pop to rock or from the oldies/classics to the newest hits!

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